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It all started when I lost my mother.
No love for myself & no love for another.



You guys are absolutely precious for putting up with me, and I don’t pay you back enough for all you do, so let’s do a tiny tumblr awards! It’s also my first ever tumblr awards. :) (graphic was made by me and I’m actually pretty proud of it!)


  • Best Supernatural Blog
  • Best Multi-Fandom
  • Nicest Blogger
  • Best URL
  • Best Theme
  • My Favorite

There will be 1 winner and two runner ups for each category! 

How To Enter:

  • mbf me
  • reblog this post
  • winners will be announced October 1st at 9 p.m.

What You’ll Win:

  • a follow from me 
  • a promo upon announcement
  • a spot somewhere in my updates tab until my next tumblr awards (which will probably be like a million years from now! lol)
  • promos upon request for the whole month of October
  • my love and friendship forever!

I skyped over three hours with my boyfriend last night

mostly we talked about dinosaurs and sushi



They are walking so close together that they are actually banging in to each other. 

Jensen talking about working at a haunted house